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Research Group Audiences & Mediated life

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Deling på sociale medier

Media Researcher: Inequality and lack of media consumption cause division

Media users looking in the mirror

CfP: Data reflectivity: new pathways in bridging datafication and user studies

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A digital visitor to AMLife demonstrates how flexibility and creative work solutions can be useful long after the pandemic.




Picture of the research group members

Meet the researchers

From left to right, on the first line: Troels Fibæk Bertel, Susana Tosca, Josephine Lehaff, Julie Vulpius. From left to right, on the back: Sander Schwartz, Chris Peters, David Mathieu, Fabian Holt, Kim Schrøder, Morten Fischer Sivertsen, Niklas Chimirri, Leif Hemming Pedersen.


Facebook comments challenge the Danish Parliament

Comments and interactions on social media platforms contain invaluable data that politicians can use to investigate the masses and find out what the voters think. However, they are actually not as easy to decipher as one might think. A researcher from Roskilde University is trying to make heads and tails of it.

Susana Tosca

When Game of Thrones becomes a common language to talk about serious issues

In a changed media landscape, pop culture references become a common language - one that is moving beyond the fictional entertainment universes and gets used as a framework to talk about everyday life or serious subjects, shows the research of Associate Professor Susana Tosca.


There is potential in digital testimonies - but how great is it?

The intention behind citizen-driven election monitoring is to contribute to transparency and a peaceful democracy, but as an approach, it has some barriers. This is revealed by the research of Roskilde University Associate Professor Norbert Wildermuth.




Overblik over forskning på RUC

Base at Roskilde University

The research groups is a part of Department of Communication and Arts

Related research units: Journalism and Democracy research group // Media and Culture research group // Centre for News Research

PhD School: Doctoral School of Communication and Arts

Education progranmmes: Journalistik (DK) // Communication // Culturel Encounters // Performance Design (DK) // Psykologi (DK) //  Bachelor in Global Humanities

Facilities: Digital Media Lab

Research from Roskilde University

Research - an overview

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David Mathieu 
Research Group Leader // Associate Professor
Phone +45 4674 3144