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Environmental Dynamics

Forsker arbejder med plastik, plastik i havet, forsker med multicultivator


Picture of aged plastic rope

Circular fibers in the plastic and textile industries

Person holding a surgical needle, wearing a blue surgeon's coat and plastic gloves


Student presenting his master's thesis process

Annual master thesis seminar




Pupils contribute to scientific mapping of plastic pollution

Researcher at Roskilde University at the forefront when 57,000 children and young people study plastic pollution in Denmark

Pupils at elementary and high schools throughout Denmark will as part of this year’s Mass Experiment carry out the world’s first national scientific mapping of plastic pollution. The results will provide crucial new data about the extent and type of plastic pollution in Denmark.

Kristian Syberg.

Researcher Gets 57,000 Research Assistants

Children and young people from all over Denmark are helping Roskilde University’s Kristian Syberg to map plastic pollution in Denmark. It will provide a unique dataset that will make us wiser vis-à-vis one of the planet’s biggest environmental challenges.




Our master programme

Focus on environmental issues and nature at our new master programme. Get close insight into Environmental Dynamics' research.

Master's programme in Environmental Science - what is it about?


Overblik over forskning på RUC

Base at Roskilde University

The research group is based at Department of Science and Environment

Participating research units and networks: Molecular and Medical Biology research group // METRIK research group // Roskilde Environmental Plastic Society research network

PhD Programme: Doctoral School of Science and Environment

Relevant degree programmes: Environmental Biology // Environmental Science // International Bachelor in Natural Sciences

Research from Roskilde University

Research - overview

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More information

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Research group website at Roskilde University Research Portal



Research group leader

Kristian Syberg
Associate professor
Phone +45 4674 3776