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Research Centre Glass and Time

Glas og tid kunstbillede med ansigt og trykmåler


Virksomheden tesa på besøg på Roskilde Universitet

Physicists from RUC in collaboration with major German company






Professor Jeppe Dyre has received a grant of DKK 39.9 million for the six-year project 'Matter'. The project period runs from 2017-2023. The grant was awarded by the VILLUM FOUNDATION, via the fund's 'VILLUM Investigator' programme.


Kristine Niss Jeppe Dyre

DKK 40 million for a project about simple and complex substances

As 'VILLUM Investigator', Professor of Physics Jeppe Dyre from Roskilde University will lead a research project to answer open scientific questions about simple and complex substances. The project is funded by the VILLUM FONDEN foundation.


Climate-friendly asphalt developed with researchers from Roskilde University will be introduced on all national roads

Should an ongoing pilot project confirm the expected effects and durability of the asphalt, the Danish government will from 2020 introduce climate-friendly asphalt across the entire national road network ready for new surface. The asphalt has been developed since 2011 in two research projects headed by Jeppe Dyre, who is a professor of physics at Roskilde University.

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The centre is based at the Department of Science and Environment

Related research units: Matematik og Fysik (IMFUFA) research group

PhD Programme: Doctoral School of Science and Environment

Degree programmes: Physics // Physics and Scientific Modelling // Mathematical Bioscience // International Bachelor in Natural Sciences

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