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The Media and Publics conference kicks off

The conference, organised by three research projects at Roskilde University, takes place April 28th and 29th and will deliver insights into the concept and formation of publics
The Media and Publics conference 2022


After months of planning, we are finally able to kick off the Media and Publics conference at Roskilde University. The conference will delve into the notion of 'publics' or 'the public' through countless insightful panels and great keynote lectures, and perhaps most importantly, it will be in person (with a virtual track as well)!

The conference gets under way Wednesday April 27th with a pre-conference event in Copenhagen and kicks off in style Thursday April 28th with a keynote panel consisting of the great Noortje Marres, professor at University of Warwick, Stefania Milan, professor at University of Amsterdam, and Zizi Papacharissi, professor at University of Illinois Chicago.

Later the same day, Nancy Fraser, professor at The New School in New York, will give a virtual keynote lecture at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

19 panels and 82 presentations

Throughout Thursday as well as Friday, a total of 19 panels and no less than 82 presentations – a mix of physical and virtual – will deliver insights into counterpublics, affective publics, everyday publics, datafication, social movements, activism, the public sphere, and numerous other topics.

You can get an overview of all presentations and panels by scrolling through the program or the official Book of Abstracts.

The conference is organised by three research projects at Roskilde University that all center around the notion of publics: DataPublics, funded by the Velux Foundation, AlterPublics, funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, and Cultural Publics, funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.