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Research Project DATAPUBLICS - Transforming Journalism and Audiences in the age of datafication

Project Duration: 01/01/2020 - 12/31/2023
Modern city and communication network concept


The Media and Publics conference 2022

The Media and Publics conference kicks off

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DataPublics article on the ‘Media-Use-No-Trust’ paradox out now

Models of the structure of SARS-CoV-2 with numbers behind

Report: Limited presence of conspiratorial content during Covid-19






The project "Datafied News Media – Datafied Publics? How datafication is transforming Journalism and their Publics" has been supported with DKK 6 million by  THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS' core group programme.


Data Publics diagram

About the project "Datafied News Media – Datafied Publics?"

How datafication is transforming Journalism and their Publics.

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Roskilde University launches new research centre for big data

Centre for Big Data is to conduct research into and use big data in a variety of areas.

Overblik over forskning på RUC

Base at Roskilde University

The research groups is a part of Department of Communication and Arts

Related research units: Audiences & Mediated Life research group // Journalism and Democracy research group // Center for Nyhedsforskning // Centre for Big Data research centre

PhD School: Doctoral School of Communication and Arts

Education progranmmes: Journalistik (DK) // Communication Studies // International Bachelor in Humanities

Research from Roskilde University

Research - an overview

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More about the project

Additional information about the research project Datafied News Media – Datafied Publics?

Roskilde University Research Portal

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Project leader

Jannie Møller Hartley
Associate professor
Phone +45 4674 3753