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Research Centre Centre for Big Data

Supercomputer på Institut for Naturvidenskab og Miljø


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Tech startup and Centre for Big Data receives substantial grant from the Innovation Fund

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Center for Big Data (CeBiDa) invites to roundtable on Big Data Ethics

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Open PhD position within Big Data


Overblik over forskning på RUC

Base at Roskilde University

Centre for Big  Data is an interdisciplinary centre with roots in all RUC's departments: Department overview

The centre works with big data in social science, health care, education, communication and media as well as natural sciences and will be part of many of the university programmes - bachelor'smaster's and exchange programmes and for our PhD schools.

There are many related research units - among them:  Audiences & Mediated life research group //  Organizing, Communication and Digitization  research group // Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems research group // Sustainable Digitalization research group

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More information

Find additional information about Centre for Big Data:

Centre site at Roskilde University Research Portal



Henrik Bulskov
Centre leader, Associate professor
Phone +45 4674 2272

Jannie Møller Hartley,
Vice centre leader, Associate professor
Phone +45 4674 3753


Sara Schrøder Kaas
Administration officer
Phone +45 4674 3433