Introduction to the programme

Would you like to solve communications tasks in multilingual and multicultural contexts?

The master programme Cultural Encounters + Communication Studies qualifies you to work with and in multilingual and multicultural contexts and in planning, preparing and evaluating strategic communication.

You will learn about culture as a concept and cultural practice in Denmark and globally. You will work with theories and methods to understand and work with culture as a concept and practice. You will acquire empirical knowledge of issues related to multilingual and multicultural contexts, and how these issues are handled by the various stakeholders. You will become familiar with the theory and practice of planning and organizing communications material and communications and information processes for selected audiences and between different actors. You will acquire knowledge of conditions and contexts for strategic communications in and from institutions, companies and organizations.

The programme provides the skills to solve communications and dissemination tasks in multilingual and multicultural contexts. You will be qualified to engage professionally, constructively and critically in socially relevant analysis, practices and discussions relating to the fields of cultural encounters and communications in technical contexts.


The programme offers you a wide range of job opportunities in:

  • NGOs
  • Municipalities and ministries
  • Survey companies and consultancies
  • Colleges
  • Museums
  • Research institutions and relevant higher education programmes
  • Communication and dissemination tasks in multilingual and multicultural contexts in the public and private sectors

 The master programme qualifies graduates to start on a PhD programme.

Academic staff

Academic staff Cultural Encounters

Academic staff Communication Studies

Facts about the education

Degree: Master of Arts (MA) in Cultural Encounters and Communication Studies 

Language of tuition: English