Introduction to the programme

Do you want to work with communication across borders and cultures?

In a global society we meet people from different cultures and social backgrounds in a variety of contexts, challenging the ways we communicate with one another. Communication is for example crucial when encountering different nationals in a business meeting or when integrating migrants in the local community.

During your studies in Communication Studies + Cultural Encounters, you will gain insights into effective and engaging communication to relevant target groups, as well as in the sharing of knowledge to relevant actors. You will engage with strategic communication in an international or/and intercultural context, both for internal or external communication purposes. You will gain knowledge on the concept of culture and analytical tools that allow you to understand and work with culture in theory and practice, working with problems that involve multicultural or multilingual contexts.

The programme provides a broad basis to engage with the planning and development of communication material and communicative processes for a variety of purposes: cross-national and cross-cultural collaborations, newsmaking and the dissemination of culture, as well as for the development of organisations and employees. 


The programme will equip you to work as a communication professional in private and public organisations, or as an independent communication consultant. Previous students who have studied in Communication Studies at Roskilde University are currently working as:

  • Digital communication officer at Médecins du Monde
  • Communication manager
  • Content manager at Better collective
  • Project coordinator at eCapacity
  • Online communications assistant at UNOPS
  • Communication and Partnership Officer at UNOPS
  • Communications Consultant at Comet Consular Services
  • Communication & Promotion Officer at Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
  • SEO & Social Media Wizard at SimpleSite
  • Communications Officer at Australian Red Cross

The master programme qualifies graduates to start on a PhD programme.

Academic staff

Academic staff Communication Studies

Academic staff Cultural Encounters

Facts about the programme

Degree: Master of Arts (MA) in Communication Studies and Cultural Encounters 

Language of tuition: English