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Research Centre in Health Promotion

Interview i Grønland, blomster i byen, trærødder og fødder





Sine Lehn-Christiansen & Mari Holen

Nurses on the launch pad

Society and the healthcare sector are changing – and the nursing study programme is under pressure. Two researchers from Roskilde University are involved as Rigshospitalet (Denmark’s largest hospital) experiments with how to train future nurses. The expectations for what a newly educated nurse should be capable of are too high, and the traineeship programmes at clinics are under pressure, the researchers point out.

Iben Aamann

The middle of the middle-class fights for social reputation through healthy food

While parents in the upper part of the middle class are better at seeing beyond the norm of living healthily, parents in the middle of the middle-class struggle most to maintain and defend their reputations by providing healthy and nutritious food for social events at their children's schools.

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Research Centre in Health Promation is based at Department of People and Technology

Related research units: Sundhedsfremme og Sundhedsstrategier (DK) research group

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