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Research Project

Beyond the Here and Now of News

Project Duration: 09/01/2018 - 08/31/2022
People in Grand Central Terminal

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'Beyond the Here and Now of News' is generously supported by a 5.4 million DKK grant (approx. €725.000) provided by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. In their letter, the Research Council noted that “the project’s quality and originality, and qualifications (of the applicants), are of the highest level.”

The international committee assessing the grant proposal concluded that ‘Beyond the Here and Now of News’ was, “an excellent project that contains an innovative perspective on news, journalism and audiences with the potential for great public impact in national and international settings. This project has high international significance and excels in its overall aims and objectives."


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More about Beyond the Here and Now of News:

The project at Roskilde University's research portal

Chris Peters on Twitter


Chris Peters
Project manager // Professor (MSO)


Kim Christian Schrøder
Project manager // Professor