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Research Group Roskilde School of Governance

Fotocollage: Christiansborg, stemmebokse og closeup af mikrofon



DFF Grant for Martin B. Carstensen: How Do We Strengthen Vocational Education?

Ole Helby Petersen og Kim Sass Mikkelsen

Danish researchers to lead one of the world's leading scientific journals

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Need a sharp analysis and solid facts about the upcoming elections? Ask the RSG researchers






Ole Helby Petersen

Major differences in the benefits of contracting out

New research shows that it is primarily average size municipalities that reap the effects when public services are contracting out. It’s time to adopt a more nuanced and context-specific approach.

Cyklister i København

NOK 12.2 m grant for new research on management approach promoting sustainability in the cities

Professor Jacob Torfing, Professor Eva Sørensen and Associate Professor Annika Heilskov Agger from the Dept. of Social Sciences and Business is awarded a grant of NOK 12.2 m as a part of a Norwegian and Danish joint research project about the challenges and dilemmas the cities face in becoming more sustainable.

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Lena Brogaard
Associate professor
Phone +45 4674 3353

Kim Sass Mikkelsen
Associate professor
Phone + 45 4674 2801