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Roskilde University is prioritising on-campus educational activities

The majority of Roskilde University’s educational activities will be held on campus in the autumn semester.
Project work
The project work at Roskilde University will have better conditions in the autumn semester. Archive photo

Meet your lecturer and your project group at Roskilde University. Perform experiments in the laboratories and embrace technological experiments in Fablab.

There is now some degree of certainty about educational activities at Roskilde University in the autumn semester. As much as possible of the educational activities will be held on campus, and as it looks now, this means that most educational activities will be able to take place on campus.

“Roskilde University is trying its best to have as many of the educational activities as possible in the autumn take place physically on campus. Therefore, the higher degree of reopening is very good news. It is important for us that under these circumstances we can continue to follow our pedagogical model and provide quality education,” says Rector Hanne Leth Andersen.

Better conditions for project work

Among other things, the autumn semester will provide better conditions for project work, which is one of Roskilde University’s most prioritised forms of teaching - as the rector explains:

“Group-based project work, which Roskilde University is still a pioneer in developing, results in a social dynamic and a high degree of collective responsibility, and the framework for that is better if you meet physically on campus. It leads to more useful academic discussions and improves learning. The social competences are important, both in a job context and an educational context,” says Hanne Leth Andersen.

However, it will be necessary to supplement part of the normal educational activities with online activities so that the necessary distancing can be enforced on campus.

“We are working hard to find the best solutions for the students, also when it comes to online education, which, fortunately, we have learnt much more about in the last few months. But there is a need for more exchanges of experiences and knowledge sharing,” says Hanne Leth Andersen.

Additional information

For more information, please contact:

- Rector Hanne Leth Andersen, ha@ruc.dk, mobile phone: 27 78 28 38
- Press Officer Camilla Buchardt, e-mail: camilbu@ruc.dk, mobile phone: 22 38 82 82