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DKK 10 million from the Carlsberg Foundation for new research projects at RUC

Seven researchers from Roskilde University have just received grants for their research projects from the Carlsberg Foundation. The largest grant of DKK 5 million goes to media researcher Eva Mayerhöffer's research project on alternative right-wing and left-wing media.
RUC - Bygning 25 - Lisbeth Holten
Foto: Lisbeth Holten

A number of researchers from RUC have received research grants from the Carlsberg Foundation. A total of about DKK 10 million has been granted for research in the humanities and social sciences. The grants are part of a larger number of grants from the Carlsberg Foundation - the so-called 'Distribution 2020'.

All grants from the foundation have been given on the basis of a professional assessment of almost 600 applications received, which stems from the researchers' own ideas and project proposals.

Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the Board of the Carlsberg Foundation, says about the grants:

“I am pleased that with this year's grants, we can once again initiate important research activities led by a large number of the country's most visionary young and established researchers. We want to ensure the generational change at Danish universities by channelling a large part of our funds into research’s growth layer through our postdoctoral fellowships and grants for newly hired associate professors. At the same time, we cover a major need for research infrastructure that can support and secure the future conditions for the most basic research.”

The following research projects from RUC have received grants from the Carlsberg Foundation:

Young Researcher Fellowship:

- Associate Professor Eva Mayerhöffer, Department of Communication and Arts, DKK 4,999,548.
Project title: Alternative Media and Ideological Counterpublics

Monograph scholarships:

Five of the grants are monograph scholarships for established researchers in the humanities and social sciences:

- Associate Professor Laura Horn, Department of Social Sciences and Business, DKK 705,976.
Project title: fEUtures

- Professor Jon Kvist, Department of Social Sciences and Business, DKK 949,189.
Project title: Social investments in Europe - What can be learnt from the Nordic countries?

- Associate Professor Pernille Juhl, Department of People and Technology, DKK 704,800.
Project title: Exploring Young Childrens Agency in Everyday Transitions

- Associate Professor Fabian Holt, Department of Communication and Arts, DKK 804,272.
Project title: A New International Order in Cultural Life? An Institutional Perspective on the Music Field in Northern Europe

- Associate Professor Ulrik Schmidt, Department of Communication and Arts, DKK 701,817.
Project title: A Philosophy of Ambient Sound: Materiality, Technology, Art and the Sonic Environment

Reintegration scholarship:

- Postdoc Bjarke Skærlund Risager, DKK 1,158,800.
Project title: Resisting 'Ghettos': State-led Gentrification and Community Organizing in Danish Social Housing


Further details:

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