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Health and Safety Compliance in Tanzania


Informal Worker Access to Formal Social Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Here you will find a list of this semester's seminar series.

Lektor Mette Fog Olwig

Can the world’s youth unite across geopolitical divides to address the Sustainable Development Goals?

Young people who are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and are combating climate change or tackling other global challenges, may have unequal opportunities to participate, depending on where they come from in the world. How do young people experience the discrepancy between expectations of equal, global partnerships and their very different life circumstances? This is what Associate Professor Mette Fog Olwig from Roskilde University will investigate in a new research project.

The Oxford Handbook of the Ethiopian Economy

New Handbook dedicated to the economy of Ethiopia

Lindsay Whitfield (Roskilde University) and Cornelia Staritz (University of Vienna), from the AfriCap project, published in the Oxford Handbook of The Ethiopian Economy

CAE book Ghana - Economies after Colonialism

New book from CAE

Lindsay Whitfield, Professor (MSO) in Global Studies at Roskilde University and leader of the Center of African Economies, has a new book Economies after Colonialism: Ghana and the struggle for power, with Cambridge University Press.

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