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Interdisciplinary research field with World-class data

The PandemiX Center will focus on building a strong quantitative base with researchers in areas such as mathematical modelling, historical epidemiology, bioinformatics and clinical research. Denmark is an ideal place to establish such a centre because we have both historical health data and contemporary register data that allows us to study and understand both historical and contemporary pandemics in far greater depth than in most other countries.

About PandemiX

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Center staff

PandemiX brings together in one organization a diverse team of experts with four core competencies: mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, historical epidemiology, clinical research, and bioinformatics.

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Mission and programmes

The goal of PandemiX is to build a comprehensive understanding of the forces that shape pandemic trajectories from origin to endgame, as we describe and quantify the signature features of pandemics present and past.

We have organized our research plan into six intertwined research programmes. Together, these programmes will address all aspects of the entire pandemic cycle. All six programmes require two or more of our listed core competencies. The program teams will collaborate extensively.


Follow PandemiX Center on X (Twitter)

On X (the former Twitter), you can read our comments on and answers to the many questions that are about COVID-19 and the Corona pandemic.

You can also follow the research at the Center of Excellence. The profile is edited by the researchers at PandemiX Center.

Åbning af grundforskningscenter PandemiX

Opening of a new Center of Excellence: Will make us smarter about future pandemics

There were speeches, jazz music and high spirits when Roskilde University's new Center of Excellence PandemiX opened last Friday. Professor Lone Simonsen will head the new center, which the Danish National Research Foundation has invested DKK 47 million in.

Grafik showing superspreading with or without mitigation

In Nature Communications: The counterintuitive implications of superspreading diseases

Superspreading is known to have played an important role in the transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2. In this Comment in Nature Communications, PandemiX researchers discuss how knowledge of the extent and cause of superspreading is important for designing appropriate control measures for emerging infectious diseases.

grafik af superspredervirus

Reseach projects

The PandemiX Center participates in a number of research projects, which are both internally and externally funded, just as the center's researchers participate in projects in collaboration with other research institutions in Denmark and abroad.


Photo: PandemiX 2023.

PandemiX Annual Meeting 9-10th October 2023 in Helsingør

Foto from the PandemiX hall with one of the paintings by Paula Suguna Bohr.

"NATURE AND SCIENCE": Exhibition at Pandemix Center 2023 by Paula Suguna Bohr

Foto: Stock foto af et arbejdsøjeblik. Colourbox.

PhD Fellowship in Research on Historical and Contemporary Pandemics from a Humanities Perspective



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Lone Simonsen
Director, head of research centre, professor
Phone +45 2342 9503

Johanne Greibe Andersen
Centre coordinator
Phone +45 4674 3980

Researchers at PandemiX Center from Roskilde University