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A bachelor's programme begins with a one year basic section of interdisciplinary studies.
The last two years you will specialise in one or two bachelor subjects.

Business Administration (int)

BSc of Business Administration is a business education which involves the classic disciplines such as organisation, sale, financial management, accounting, finance and business law. Business Administration at Roskilde University is distinctive due to the focus on interdisciplinarity and project work as a pedagogical tool.

How to study Business Administration (int):

  • How the programme is structured

    A Bachelor in Business Administration (int) is part of an overall bachelor programme. You can choose between:

    First year of studies

    You will study the basic section of your programme. You will learn important aspects of disciplines relevant to your main academic area.

    Second and third year of studies

    You will specialise in one or two bachelor subjects.

    When you combine two subjects, your time of studies will be divided equally among the two. If you study a single subject bachelor, your second and third year of studies will be spent on a single subject.

    Admission requirements
    Admission requirements for Business Administration (int)
    • No specific admission requirements

    Please notice: You must meet the admission requirements of the entire bachelor programme which you are applying for, not just the admission requirements of the subject.

    Admission requirements for the Bachelor's degree

    Each bachelor programme has specific admission requirements. Find the requirements at the programmes' pages.