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Research workshop on the English School and international security

Centre workshop at the University of Southern Denmark

The workshop took place 11 May at the University of Southern Denmark, and was co-organised by the Center for War Studies, SDU, and the Centre for Statecraft and International Order, Roskilde University, with support from the Carlsberg Foundation.


The workshop was part of the ongoing research efforts of the Working Group on Security and International Society under the English School Section of the International Studies Association, convened by centre director Laust Schouenborg. The overall aim of the workshop was to increase our collective understanding of how security is navigated as a problem by state leaders in a rapidly changing international order. A distinguished roster of English School experts presented papers on this topic. The workshop was followed by a book launch of Flockhart and Paikin’s edited volume Rebooting Global International Society: Change, Contestation and Resilience.