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Research Group

Intercultural studies

Foto af afrikansk hytte ved siden af skur af kendt sodavandsmærke


Anne-Sophie Bogetoft Mortensen

New PhD project analyzes Caribbean coasts

The Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp, Belgium

Workshop in Antwerp

Pile of books on body activism

New research on Danish body activism






Tidsskriftet postkolonials logo
Kult: A journal about postcolonial Denmark

The journal Kult connects a series of discussion fields, which could all be categorised under the umbrella term, postcolonial Denmark. Kult also includes discussions beyond the Danish context. The journal is based in the research group Intercultural studies at Roskilde University.

Lars Jensen Grønland
The Greenlandic paradox

Climate changes are bringing both economic potential and major problems to Greenland, which has only limited opportunities to influence developments itself.

Overblik over forskning på RUC
Base at RUC

The research group is a part of Department of Communication and Arts

Related research units: Center for Køn, Magt og Mangfoldighed (in Danish) // Language & Learning

PhD School: PhD Programme in Communication and Arts

Education: Cultural Encounters // Humanistisk Bachelor (in Danish) // International Bachelor in Humanities

Research from Roskilde Universitet

Research - an overview

ikon for website
More information

Postkolonial - a journal about postcolonial Denmark

Sprogforum - (in Danish) a journal about experiences, studies, and ideas in the field of culture- and language pedagogy with a view to foreign and second language teaching. 

Cultural Encounters and Differences - a blog written by teachers and students at the course 'Cultural Encounters and Differences'.


The research group on Roskilde University's research portal


Prem Poddar
Head of research group
+45 4674 3430

Lise Paulsen Galal
Associate Professor
+45 4674 2873