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Open House at Roskilde University

Campus med studerende på Roskilde Universitet

1 February - 28 2025: Undergraduate open house

Next open house will be in February 2025 - date to be announced: Learn more about Roskilde University's seven bachelor's programmes. Not sure which study programme is right for you and your future? Participate in open house bachelor, meet students, teachers, student advisors, and see if Roskilde University is for you.

Studerende på RUCs campus

1 February - 28 2025: Open house graduate

Next open house will be in February 2025 - date to be announced: Are you considering af master's degree at Roskilde University? Visit us at open house and learn more about our master's programmes.

Learn how to solve real-world problems

Do you want to secure biodiversity, create diversity in the boardroom, conceive sustainable urban planning, make a difference to young people's well-being, develop environmentally sustainable digital solutions, use mathematics to avoid the next pandemic, create change through the way we communicate - or do you want to work with one of the many other topics that can move our society and the world forward?

At Roskilde University, you can choose which issue you want to learn more about.

Become a problem solver

You will learn to ask the right questions

To solve a problem, you need to learn how to ask the right questions. You learn this through project work. You go into detail and investigate a problem issue that you and your project group have chosen yourselves. You'll be guided through the process by one of our talented researchers. You will work with others who are passionate about the same things you are, and you'll have an opportunity to get to the heart of the solutions.

You will become an interdisciplinary specialist

Real-life problems can rarely be solved by one discipline alone. That's why strong interdisciplinary elements are incorporated into all our programmes, equipping you to tackle society's complex challenges. This means that you will gain deep professional knowledge, become familiar with scientific theories and methods from more than one subject, and understand and apply the working methods of different disciplines.

Tackle real-life issues

You will learn to manage projects

Roskilde University's own educational model, Problem-oriented Project Learning, teaches you to manage a project within a time frame, for example in collaboration with companies, authorities, NGOs or organisations. You will learn to apply your academic knowledge to develop solutions to real-life problems. At Roskilde University, you will train yourself to make a difference.

You will be ready for the job market

Make yourself attractive to employers with an education that goes hand in hand with business. Roskilde University's master's programmes have been designed in collaboration with the world around us, and they are aimed at those who dream of pursuing a meaningful career. Project work, internships and work placements mean your career can start while you're still studying.

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See our study programmes

At Roskilde University, we have a wide range of bachelor's and master's programmes

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Directions to Roskilde University

How to arrive at Roskilde University.

Use our interactive map Mazemap, where you will be guided around outside as well as inside Roskilde University's campus.




Contact the Study and Career Guidance if you need advice about choosing a study, more knowledge about the content of a study programme, or about applying and admission to Roskilde University.