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Roskilde University welcomes 1,257 new students

The new students will have their introductory period from 16-27 August 2022.
Studerende i grupperum
The new students will have their introductory period from 16-27 August 2022. Archive photo: Lisbeth Holten

On the night of Thursday 28 July 2022, all university applicants in the country were notified of their admission to higher education.

Roskilde University is offering admission to 1,257 new students on the university's various bachelor programmes.

"We look forward to welcoming the many new students to Roskilde University. Here they will get to collaborate on solving real problems through a high level of academic standards. They will learn to think independently and critically and to listen to each other. Through problem-oriented project learning students can create results that benefit society. The students learn that it is a unique source of strength that each individual contributes with different academic and personal skills," says Rector Hanne Leth Andersen and adds:

"Our aim is to cultivate the students' curiosity, courage and desire to address specific real-life problems. The world is in urgent need of academically strong and independent people who can collaborate – also with a variety of actors in our surroundings. It is important to us that students come into contact with companies and municipalities in Region Zealand in the course of their studies, because internships and project collaboration strengthen their skills and ability to build bridges and work with an interdisciplinary approach in complex contexts", she says.

In the second admission round, there are places available in some of Roskilde University's bachelor programmes, and the application deadline is 5 August.