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Danish universities suspend cooperation with Russia and Belarus

Press release / Universities Denmark / March 1, 2022
SDU Campus Slagelse

The Danish universities condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is an unprovoked attack on a Western democracy and thus also an attack on the values at the core of modern European states.

The Danish universities want to express support for the people of Ukraine, as well as researchers and students there. They are facing a very grave and difficult situation.

Today the Danish Government has asked the Danish universities to suspend cooperation with Russia and Belarus.

Thus, the Danish universities have decided to suspend all bilateral institutional cooperation with Russia and Belarus in areas of innovation, education and research. This means, but is not limited to, that exchange of students and scientific personnel will be suspended going forward and that scientific conferences in Russia and Belarus cannot be attended by researchers employed by the Danish universities.

The Danish universities want to promote peace and protect individuals affected by the war in Ukraine. The Danish universities want to emphasize, that to us there is a clear distinction between the state of Russia and the citizens of Russia. We want to offer our support to both staff and students from Ukraine as well as Belarus and Russia.

The Danish universities want to show our solidarity with Ukraine, and will seek support among the European universities to cooperate on supportive measures that may help the students and university staff in Ukraine.

The rectors of the Danish universities:

Anders Bjarklev, Technical University of Denmark

Per Michael Johansen, Aalborg University

Henrik C. Wegener, University of Copenhagen

Brian Bech Nielsen, Aarhus University

Jens Ringsmose, University of Southern Denmark

Hanne Leth Andersen, Roskilde University

Inger Askehave, Copenhagen Business School

Jens Christian Godskesen, IT-University of Copenhagen

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