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New Project Member to Research Transitional Justice Standardisation in Syria

Roskilde University has hired Phd Fellow Wladimir Fernandes to research the standardisation of transitional justice in relation to the conflict in Syria.
Picture of the project team Wladimir, Line Jakobsen and Line Engbo Gissel
The project team at Roskilde University. From L to R: Line E. Gissel, Wladimir Fernandes, and Line J. Jakobsen.

On 1st September 2022, Wladimir Fernandes embarked on his three-year PhD project as part of the larger research project The Standardisation of Transitional Justice: Consolidation, Innovation and Politics.

Wladimir will be researching if, how and to what extent transitional justice processes in Syria relate to the standardisation of transitional justice. Do justice actors draw on the standard, do they innovate the standard in response to official unwillingness to provide justice, and does the standard fit their context?

Wladimir is from Brazil and has previous lived in Austria, Colombia and Denmark. He has an MA in International Public Administration and Politics from Roskilde University and a BA in International Relations from the University of Brasília. He has previously worked for UNAIDS and Thailand’s embassy in Brasília.

With the hire of Wladimir, the project team is now complete. It consists of associate professor Line Engbo Gissel (principal investigator), senior lecturer Thomas Obel Hansen, post-doctoral scholar Line Jespersgaard Jakobsen, and PhD fellow Wladimir Fernandes. For more information, please contact lgissel [at]