Introduction to the programme

Learn to understand and assess complex environmental issues using tools and techniques from several scientific disciplines

Environmental Risk is an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing and solving environmental problems. Although emphasis is on theory and methods of Natural Sciences, the programme includes elements from Social Sciences with focus on practices of risk assessment of real environmental problems. You learn to understand and assess complex environmental issues using relevant tools and techniques from several scientific disciplines.

The programme covers subjects such as evaluation of environmental risks in connection with natural disasters; volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides and flooding as well as evaluating technologies and chemical agents that have the potential to harm ecosystems, animals and human health. You acquire the skills necessary to professionally implement environmental legislation and regulatory programmes and to provide in depth advice to future environmental regulation.

You are trained to analyze the spatial patterns and relationships that may occur in the context of environmental risks. You will be able to identify and articulate issues within the key disciplines of environmental risk especially ectoxicology, population and systems ecology, environmental management, environmental history, natural systems, geohazards and resource management.


You will be well qualified for employment as an environmental manager, -consultant, -officer or -coordinator in various national and international government agencies, at organisations such as the European Commission, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and European Environment Agency (EEA), local municipal environmental divisions, in environmental science consultancies such as DHI and COWI, environmental divisions of private companies and within the chemicals industry.

Alternatively, you may pursue a research career. For instance you would be highly qualified to apply for a number of job opportunities currently being advertised at organisations such as ECHA. You can also consider pursuing a PhD at Roskilde University or at another university.

Academic staff

Academic staff Environmental Risk

Facts about the programme

Degree: Master of Science in Environmental Risk

Language of tuition: English