Roskilde University and the Municipality of Copenhagen in a Horizon 2020 project on sustainable food systems in cities

In the international research project FOOD TRAILS, Professor Niels Heine Kristensen will develop methods that European cities can use to develop food policies.

Solar cells

1.7 million euro grant to research sustainable behaviour and better energy management

Researchers from Roskilde University are participating in a Danish-German collaboration to create sustainable digitalisation to assist in ensuring more cost-effective consumption of renewable energy in private households. The project is supported by the EU’s Interreg initiative.

Broad beans and wheat

New research shows potential in forgotten agricultural practices

Professor Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen from Roskilde University and colleagues from the Swedish Agricultural University have jointly published research results that demonstrate that the agroecological practice of intercropping cereals and legumes can reduce the global need for nitrogen fertilizers by up to 26% and considerably reduce the amount of land used.

Annegrethe Ahrenkil

Researcher: Forcing parents to send their children to nurseries is based on a limited understanding of how language skills develop

The law stating that young children from socially vulnerable areas must spend at least 25 hours at a nursery per week to learn Danish earlier is based on a limited understanding of how language skills develop, says an expert.

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