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Article confronting the complexities of "co-production"

Approaches to health research that label themselves “participatory” have become widespread, and, across the different approaches “co-production” is considered central. Often power imbalances are viewed as obstacles to co-production. This article published in the journal Qualitative Health Research approaches “co-production” a bit differently.

In the article "Confronting the complexities of “co-production” in participatory health research: a critical, reflexive approach to power dynamics in a collaborative project on Parkinson’s dance" , we offer an approach to analysing co-production which conceptualizes power, not as an obstacle, but as an intrinsic, productive force in bringing “co-production” into being.

In the article, we show how our approach can give insight into the complexities of “co-production” and  also provide a foundation for a relational research ethics that confronts those complexities head-on. And we illustrate its use in analysis of the relational becoming of “co-production” in the project "Dancing with Parkinson's".

Here's a link to the published article and to the manuscript that was accepted for publication by the journal: