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Research Project The Standardisation of Transitional Justice: Consolidation, Innovation and Politics

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Photo of Los Andes University, Bogotá, Colombia

Call for Abstracts: Toolkits and Standards in Transitional Justice: Consolidation, Innovation and Implications

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Field Work in Uganda

Picture of the project team Wladimir, Line Jakobsen and Line Engbo Gissel

New Project Member to Research Transitional Justice Standardisation in Syria





The project is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. The project is supported with DKK 5,943,293.00 (EUR 800,000) over a 4-year period.

See the full project description here.


Line Engbo Gissel

The International Criminal Court risks blocking peace

The International Criminal Court prosecutes some of the most serious international crimes, but the court's procedure causes problems in some countries, according to new research by Assistant Professor Line Engbo Gissel.

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Project Base

The project is based at Department of Social Sciences and Business

Participating research units: Global Political Sociology research group

PhD programme: Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Business - International studies

Relevant degree programmes: Global Studies // International Studies // International Bachelor in Social Sciences

Research from Roskilde University

Research overview

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More Information

Find additional information about the project 'The Standardisation of Transitional Justice: Consolidation, Innovation and Politics' here:

The project at Roskilde University Research Portal


Line Engbo Gissel - LinkedIn

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Principal Investigator

Line Engbo Gissel
Associate Professor
Phone: +45 4674 3403
Cell Phone +45 2992 9410