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Buur, Lars, J.J. Macuane, F. Maganga and R.H. Pedersen. 2023. Edited volume (forthcoming) Land, Rights and the Politics of Investments in Africa. Elgar Publishers.

Introduction. Lars Buur, José J. Macuane, Faustin Maganga and Rasmus H. Pedersen

Chapter 1. Community Participation in Tanzania’s Petroleum Sector. Opportuna L. Kweka and Rasmus Hundsbæk Pedersen

Chapter 2. LNG investments in Mozambique: compensation deals and the dynamics of local state-making. Padil Salimo

Chapter 3. The double role of the state: the state as investor and mediator in the coal sector in Tanzania. Thabit Jacob

Chapter 4. Riding the waves of change: changing relations in the Ugandan sugar sector. Malin J. Nystrand, Arthur Sserwanga and Brenda Kyomuhendo

Chapter 5. The politics of smallholder-investor relationship in the Tanzanian sugar sector.Emmanuel Sulle, Faustin Maganga, Rose Qamara, Evans Boadu, HappinesMalle and Onesmo Minani

Chapter 6. A failing local exchange deal: Rights to land and resources in the Wanbao rice investment in Mozambique. Lars Buur and Kathrine Beykirch

Chapter 7. Exchange relations in rice contract farming schemes in Tanzania. Eileen Dyer Jarnholt, Faustin Maganga, and George Schoneveld

Conclusion. Lars Buur and Rasmus H. Pedersen

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