Intro til uddannelsen

Do you want to work with poverty, inequality and power and the dissemination of such cultural issues?

The master’s programme in International Development Studies + Communication Studies enhances your knowledge and competencies in the interlinked political, cultural and economic processes relating to inequality and processes of development in connection with the Global South.

You will acquire a theoretical and practical knowledge of the conditions for the dissemination of academic information to various target groups, such as academic communication on developing countries, but also on the special relationship with the media and communication internally in the developing countries.

Emphasis is placed on understanding and communicating development across national as well as international interrelationships.

The programme provides specific skills with a particular view to qualifying you for work in development organisations (national and non-governmental organisations) as well as in the private sector.


This programme is qualifying you for work in:

  • development organisations (national and non-governmental organisations)
  • the private sector
  • consulting firms
  • universities and ministries

This degree qualifies you for a PhD-study.


Undervisere International Development Studies

Undervisere Communication Studies

Fakta om uddannelsen

Kandidatgrad: cand.soc. i Internationale udviklingsstudier og Kommunikation / Master of Science (MSc) in Social sciences in International Development Studies and Communication Studies

Undervisningssprog:  The Master’s programme is an international programme taught in English