Solve problems in the real world

At Roskilde University, students acquire an interdisciplinary education and an understanding of problem-solving with a basis in reality. These are qualifications that are highly valued by large enterprises when they are recruiting new employees.
Novo Nordisk and IBM at Career Fair on Roskilde University

Roskilde University’s distinctive feature is study programmes with a project and problem-oriented approach, and this is appreciated by employers such as Novo Nordisk.

"We have many different requirements at Novo Nordisk, so it is interesting for us to meet students from Roskilde University because they have a different approach to problem-solving, and that's part of the challenges we deal with every day in our company. We must constantly tackle challenges and problems that need to be solved here and now. RUC students have something else to offer compared to other graduates”, says Head of Early Talent & Outreach in Novo Nordisk, Caroline Sehested, adding:

"It is also interesting to us that RUC offers some different combinations of bachelor and master degree programmes. It is precisely this kind of diversity that we really need at Novo Nordisk. We like the fact that a graduate had two different fields of study and can offer something completely different when you link them together, compared to if they only pursued one line of study”, says Caroline Sehested.

Resolve challenges in innovative ways

IBM Client Innovation Center knows what they're looking for when they search among students from Roskilde University.

"At IBM Client Innovation Center, we believe that the diversity of our employees enables us to create new innovative solutions for our customers. We are therefore interested in finding IT talent from a variety of fields of study and from different universities. At RUC, we have a special interest in the technological lines, such as Computer Science and Informatics. Here we hope and believe that we can find graduates who can help us to identify and solve tomorrow's technological challenges in innovative ways”, says Head of Recruitment, Kasper Bach.

Accustomed to a case-oriented approach

The study programmes at Roskilde University are interdisciplinary, which prepares graduates to work in companies such as Novo Nordisk.

"We work on how to resolve problems, even when they cross departmental boundaries. We have noticed that those graduates, who are accustomed to working that way during their studies, have the skill-set necessary to tackle these types of problems. We therefore find it interesting to meet and also to recruit graduates from RUC, because they have a different perspective on problem solving. We can benefit a great deal from this in our daily tasks. This is because they are used to working with a case-oriented approach”, says Caroline Sehested, Head of Early Talent & Outreach in Novo Nordisk.

The interviews are conducted in Danish and followingly translated to English.

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