New CAE working paper on the Kenyan cut-flower industry

The Kenyan cut-flower industry is one of the few agribusiness export sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa where locally owned firms have been competitive and have been able to upgrade within the floriculture global value chain. This working paper explains why.

The explanation centers on the diverse ownership among Kenyan cut-flower firms and variation in the resources upon which these firms can draw, which are linked to firm ownership characteristics but also to national industrial policies, regional context and global economy dynamics. The working paper shows how variation in access to resources such as financial capital, tacit knowledge and social networks shape the specific export strategies adopted by local firms as well as their success in implementing those strategies and their ability to upgrade within the floriculture global value chain. 

This explanation draws on a firm survey and the in-depth study of 9 local firms. It situates these 9 firm histories within the broader history of the sector's development in Kenya.

For more, read the working paper Kenyan-owned firms in the floriculture global value chain: A multi-level analysis of the historical development of local firms, by Sameer Azizi, Assistant Professor in Business Studies at the Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University.