New CAE working paper on eco-industrial parks

Is it possible for industrialization to be environmentally friendly 'from the beginning'?

Industrialization dynamics inherently continue to have negative consequences on the environment. Eco-industrial parks have become therefore an attractive idea for international organizations, state officials and firms alike, as they provide a physical space to entangle better environmental practices with the realm of production. This article studies the creation and management of eco-industrial parks in Ethiopia, in order to uncover possible added challenges to industrialization in a more environmentally conscious world.


This working paper argues that the state has a role to play through strategic industrial policy in not only attracting investments to Ethiopia, as it has, but also in further supporting eco-industrial development in the country and improve its chances of benefitting from the building of eco-industrial parks. This is no easy nor cheap task, but industrial development will have to consider the environmental challenges ahead to be successful in the future.


Read the full working paper, Constraints on eco-industrial development in the context of global production networks: The case of Ethiopian eco-industrial parks’, by Federico Jensen.