Intro til uddannelsen

Would you like to combine physics and computer science?

The master’s programme in Physics + Computer Science (Datalogi) will cover mechanics, relativity theory, astrophysics, condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. 

You will learn techniques and theories to analyse, design and construct software systems, including software engineering methods and principles, computer and system architecture, algorithms and data representation and design principles for human-machine interfaces.


The programme offers you a wide range of job opportunities in:

  • High-tech manufacturing and development, including in the electronics, computer hardware and pharmaceutical industries
  • The education sector
  • The IT and telecommunications industries in the insurance and pension sectors
  • Companies for which modelling, programming or consultancy plays a key role

This degree qualifies you for a PhD-study.


Undervisere Physics

Undervisere Computer Science (Datalogi)

Fakta om uddannelsen

Kandidatgrad: cand.scient. i Fysik og Datalogi / Master of Science (MSc) in Physics and Computer Science.

Undervisningssprog: The master’s programme is an international programme and the language of tuition is English