Intro til uddannelsen

Do you want to understand, analyse and communicate global issues?

A thorough introduction to the processes and issues of globalisation is required to understand a world that is both perceived and presents itself as increasingly complex and interconnected. Being able to communicate efficiently on these complex global issues is a multifacetted challenge.

The master’s programme in Global Studies + Communication Studies enables you to not only grasp and understand the increasing complexity of the world, but also to communicate this knowledge efficiently to different target groups.

There is a particular focus on workplaces with an international orientation and intercultural profile, qualifying you to work with communication in the national or international media or NGO’s for instance.

With this Master’s degree you will have knowledge of the special conditions of strategic communication in and from institutions, companies and associations that work in an international and intercultural context.


The programme gives you a wide range of job opportunities in:

  • National and international media and public relations
  • NGO’s
  • Consultancies
  • Local, regional, national/international civil administrations or educational institutions
  • Government ministries and regional and international organisations.

This degree qualifies you for a PhD-study.


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Fakta om uddannelsen

Kandidatgrad: cand.soc. i Globate studier og Kommunikation / Master of Science (MSc) in Social sciences in Global Studies and Communication Studies

Undervisningssprog: Engelsk