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Would you like to work with both environmental and molecular biology?

Despite a common biological basis, today these two subjects are very different in their approach to biology. Nevertheless, molecular biological methods and techniques are increasingly used in modern environmental biology. In the master's programme Environmental Biology + Molecular Biology, you can become qualified to, for example, use genetic engineering methods to explore population ecology issues. Or you can investigate the cellular mechanisms behind the toxicological effects of environmental chemicals for organisms.

You will learn about cell biology and physiology, molecular genetics, biochemistry, genetic and protein engineering and bio-informatics. You will gain insights into biological systems at all levels (from sub-cellular to ecosystems) and into the interactions between micro and macro-organisms and their environment. You will learn about the human impact on biological and ecological systems, genetic versus environmental impacts on organisms, as well as nutrient and element cycling processes in ecosystems.

You finish the programme by writing an interdisciplinary master thesis and you have the possibility to write it as an experimental 60 ECTS master thesis during 3. and 4. semester.


The programme provides you with a wide range of job opportunities in the public and private sectors within:

  • Public or private research or control laboratories, for example in the healthcare or environmental sector
  • Environmental control and consulting
  • The biotech industry
  • The education sector
  • Consultancies, e.g. in environmental monitoring
  • Government agencies with focus on environmental health

The master programme also qualifies graduates for admission to a PhD programme.


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Fakta om uddannelsen

Kandidatgrad: Cand.scient. i Miljøbiologi og Molekylærbiologi / Master of Science (MSc) in Environmental Biology and Molecular Biology

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