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Would you like to work in the fields of environmental biology and computer science?

The Master's programme Environmental Biology + Computer Science (Datalogi) will qualify you to work with computational models and tools for applications within biological and ecological systems.

You will acquire knowledge of biological populations and ecological communities. You will gain an understanding of nutrient and element cycling processes in ecosystems and the interactions between living organisms and their physical, chemical and biological environment.

You will also learn how we can best utilise nature that surrounds us and its resources in a sustainable manner. You will learn about fundamental computational models and tools, as well as techniques and theories to analyse, design and construct software systems: software engineering methods and principles, computer and system architecture, algorithms and data representation and design principles for man-machine interfaces.

The programme will provide you with skills in the fields of population, community and ecosystems ecology, numerical simulation and data analysis. You will learn how to program advanced software solutions and to make numerical simulations of biological and ecological systems. You will be qualified to extract and interpret general patterns from large and variable biological and ecological data sets.


The programme provides you with a wide range of job opportunities in the public and private sectors within:

  • environmental consulting
  • biological production systems (including aquaculture) - analysis and regulation
  • environmental management and assessment
  • biological and ecological resource analysis and planning

The master programme also qualifies graduates for admission to a PhD programme.


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Kandidatgrad: Cand.scient. i Miljøbiologi og Datalogi / Master of Science (MSc) in Environmentat Biology and Computer Science

Undervisningssprog: Engelsk