Intro til uddannelsen

Do you want to work with companies and the complexity prevalent in the globalised financial market?

The master’s programme in Business Studies + Global Studies provides you with the skills necessary to work with organisations and management of companies in the globalised, financial market, as well as internal and external resource management, functions and relations.

You will gain interdisciplinary insight into how power relations and political and cultural identities are constructed and challenged in national and international contexts. You will study how the global economy works, the current development of the global capitalist system, and the consequences for private companies and their strategies to tackle the challenges of globalisation.

Alongside skills in team work and project management you will learn to identify, apply and combine methods for problem-oriented analysis of global and business issues.

The programme qualifies you for work in small, medium-sized and large companies or consultancies, or as civil servants in national, regional or international organisations.


Uddannelsen kvalificerer dig til arbejde inden for mindre, mellemstore og større virksomheder, konsulentfirmaer, eller som embedsmænd i nationale, regionale eller internationale organisationer.

Kandidatuddannelsen giver forudsætning for at påbegynde en forskeruddannelse (ph.d.).


Undervisere Business Studies

Undervisere Global Studies

Fakta om uddannelsen

Kandidatgrad: Cand.soc. i Virksomhedsstudier og Globale Studier / Master of Science (MSc) in Social sciences in Business Studies and Global Studies.

Undervisningssprog: Engelsk