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Transforming for Sustainability

Photo collage of UN City, plastic garbage and small plant
Transforming for Sustainability

Transforming for Sustainability
Transforming for Sustainability

Call for papers

The conference aims to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions with regard three tracks relating to cities (SDG 11), food and bio production (SDG 12) and coast and oceans (SDG 14) - details are outlined in the call for paper documents for each track. The tracks are explored through three themes:

  1. Technological opportunities and challenges
  2. Governance
  3. Behavioural change, communication and citizenship

Call for paper documents

Missing media.


Deadline for submission: 17 September 2018
Final decision for papers: 1 October 2018

Papers and presentations

Key notes

Elizabeth Shove
Professor Elizabeth Shove

Department of Sociology, Lancaster University (UK)

Elizabeth Shove is professor of Sociology at Lancaster University, and was director of the DEMAND (Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand) Research Centre (2013-2018). She has written about social practices with Allison Hui and Theodore Schatzki; The Dynamics of Social Practice, with Matt Watson and Mika Pantzar; and more recently on infrastructures.

Elizabeth has developed distinctive and sometimes challenging ways of thinking about consumption and energy demand not as expressions of individual choice, but as outcomes of social practice.  These ideas run through recent articles that focus on questions such as ‘What is wrong with energy efficiency?’, and what is energy for? Some of these themes are explored, in animated form, in a series of short films available on Youtube.

Claus Stig Pedersen
Claus Stig Pedersen

Head of Corporate Sustainability & Public Affairs, EMEA, Novozymes (DK)

For the past 10 years, Claus Stig Pedersen has been the head of sustainability at Novozymes, a global producer of bio-enzymes. Here, Claus has developed visionary business strategies based on engagements with the SDGs in order to address the imminent challenges of our world. Through corporate leadership and partnerships across sectors, Claus has managed to implement and drive Novozymes’ SDG framework towards concrete solutions – materializing Novozymes’ global vision for sustainable development on the ground.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we welcome Claus to this year’s conference as a keynote speaker, where he will present Novozymes’ strategy partnering for impact as well as showcasing how businesses can take action to further sustainable development.

Camilla Brückner
Camilla Brückner

Director of UNDP’S Nordic Representation Office, UNDP (DK)

Camilla Brückner has 22 years of development policy and management experience in Danish and international organizations. Camilla Brückner was appointed Director for UNDP’s Nordic Representation Office (NRO) in February 2012 having previously been Deputy Chief of Staff and Deputy Director for UNDP’s Executive Office. Prior to that, she served at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 13 years, heading divisions at the UN mission as Deputy Permanent Representative and earlier in the department of non-governmental organizations and civil society relations, the department of humanitarian affairs and the department of development policy.

As the Director for the NRO Ms. Brückner is responsible for developing and deepening the partnership with UNDP’s Nordic partners (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland) and main core donors. This involves both policy dialogue on all areas of UNDP’s mandate, advocacy and communication with the Nordic Governments, civil society, media and private sector Ms. Brückner’s previous professional experience also includes posting as a national expert in the European Commission, in the Humanitarian Directorate General and as a research fellow at the Center for European Policy Studies.

Kes McCormick
Associate Professor Kes McCormick

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University (SWE)

With a background in political science and environmental science, Kes McCormick engages in a combination of research, education, communication and innovation activities. Kes is an Associate Professor and Assistant Head at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University, Sweden as well as an Honorary Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) at Melbourne University, Australia. Kes works in the fields of sustainability, governance, cities and greening the economy. Kes is the program coordinator for Sharing Cities Sweden (VINNOVA), a member of the management team for Naturvation (H2020) and Urban Nature (FORMAS), and a participant in Viable Cities (Swedish Energy Agency), When Municipalities set the Research Agenda (FORMAS) and Narrating Climate Futures (Pufendiorf Institute). Kes is a lead teacher in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on greening the economy and sustainable cities.

Kes McCormick will speak on the topic of Urban Living Labs - Experimenting with City Futures.

Pitch presenters

Thomas Hruschka
Dr. Thomas Hruschka

Head of Unit, Municipal Department for Environmental Protection, City of Vienna (AT)

Dr. Thomas Hruschka is the PR-consultant as well as the Head of Unit, Sustainable Development, within the Municipal Department for Environmental Protection and Sustainability Coordinator of the city of Vienna. The city of Vienna has ranked fourth as the most sustainable city in the world by the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index 2016. In 2017, Mercer has ranked Vienna first in its international quality of living survey as the city with the highest quality of living worldwide.

Thomas has worked extensively with sustainability in a myriad of sectors; including the research sector, non-profit and for profit sector as well as the public sector. He is a commissioned lecturer by UNEP at King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thailand, founder of one of Austria’s first consultancies for sustainable development and has since 2003 been the program manager of the EcoBusinessPlan Vienna and of international cooperation projects, including projects on behalf of the EU commission and UNIDO.

Pitch presenter for Cities:
Matching Strategies: Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals into Viennas Smart City Framework Strategy

Jonas Hamann
Jonas Loholm Hamann

Communiction & Public Affairs Advisor

As Communciation & Public Affairs Advisor, Jonas Loholm Hamann works with policy development and thought leadership across regions and Danfoss segments to leverage synergies related to mega trends, such as sustainable cooling, food wastage and energy storage.

Jonas oversees Danfoss’ Cooling thought leadership activities to to accelerate technology development and implementation. As a business representative, he works closely with multiple partnerships, e.g. the UN initiated SEforALL, and it’s CoolingforALL initiative as well as being responsible for the European Heat Pump Association.

Before joining Danfoss, Jonas worked, among others, for the Danish Ministry of Environment & Food, Mazars and General Electic (GE). He holds a Master degree in European Affairs from Science Po.

Twitter: @JLHamann @DanfossCool

Pitch presenter for Food and Bio production:
How can food loss be minimized from farm to fork using the least possible energy?


Kristine Lund Christiansen
Kirstine Lund Christiansen

Responsible Investments

Kirstine Lund Christiansen is responsible for environmental and social governance for the two pension funds DIP and JØP. Among other things, this include responsibility for implementing the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises in the investments of the two pension funds. Additionally Kirstine is a member of the Investment Committee of the two pension funds. Kirstine is also a member of the board of the Danish forum for responsible investments, Dansif.

Kirstine has 10+ years of experience with elaborating policies and processes for financial institutions to manage ESG, and with onsite due diligence of environmental and social governance in companies in emerging markets.

Pelle Lind Bournonville
Pelle Lind Bournonville

The role of philanthropy in funding sustainability projects

Pelle Lind Bournonville is Special Advisor for Realdania on international affairs and Head of Projects in Realdania’s philanthropy department. Pelle manages a portfolio of national and international projects related to sustainable urban development and climate change. Among these he manages Realdania’s grants to C40 Climate Leadership Group and associated projects.

Before joining Realdania, Pelle was in public service as Senior Advisor on the built environment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and posted to the consulate general in New York City. Prior to that Pelle was Director at one of Scandinavia’s largest contracting companies NCC, where he led a strategic business development team.

Pelle holds a Master’s degree in Project Management in construction from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

Organized by

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Roskilde University

Roskilde University holds a large number of researchers, who focus on sustainable development. Furthermore, Roskilde University aims for positioning itself as a university that promotes interdisciplinary research projects, which focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals.

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UN City Copenhagen

UN City Copenhagen houses 11 UN agencies that share a common agenda: to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The Goals build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals and outline a universal, integrated and transformative vision for a better world, where no-one is left behind.