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Tech startup and Centre for Big Data receives substantial grant from the Innovation Fund

The Danish tech startup, Duuoo, funded by the Oticon Foundation, Kirkbi, and Heartland now also collects support from the Innovation Fund. Duuoo has just received a substantial grant to collaborate with Roskilde University's Centre for Big Data. The two parties will integrate AI and ML into Duuoo’s management platform that will help create better leaders and improve employee development and well-being worldwide.
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The Danish tech startup, Duuoo, is based on the idea that everyone has the right to good management. This is far from the case today, where too many employees do not thrive and develop. That is why the founders of Duuoo have established a whole new innovative and digital management platform that can revolutionize the employee-manager relationship. With support from the startup factory Founders and funds from the Oticon Foundation, Kirkbi, and Heartland, Duuoo is now entering into a new collaboration with Roskilde University's Center for Big Data. The collaboration is supported by the Innovation Fund, which has awarded the collaboration an innobooster grant.

“The classic one-time-a-year employee-manager interview is long overdue and outdated. There is probably no one today who believes that it is enough to talk thoroughly with employees once a year. Present and future employees wish to be involved, activated, and heard. Far from all managers are up for this task, and we would like to help with this challenge. With our new collaboration with Centre for Big Data, we will introduce artificial intelligence and machine learning into our digital management platform,” says Duuoo-CEO, Magnus Stawicki Blak.

Roskilde University's research unit, Centre for Big Data, will analyze the anonymous data from Duuoo's platform. Employee-manager interviews generate large amounts of data regarding well-being, development, and performance, and this data will now refine Duuoo's technology with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Centre for Big Data will develop the specific algorithms that will eventually turn into concrete actions, efforts, and nudging inside Duuoo's platform.

“This is a super exciting project that can make a big difference for employees and managers around the world. Duuoo is on a very interesting mission to put good leadership on formula, and we are very excited to contribute to that. With this collaboration, managers will be able to lead on a very specific data basis. It can revolutionize management as we know it,” says associate professor at Centre for Big Data, Henrik Bulskov.

The project will start immediately and run until November, and there will thus soon be visible results Duuoo's platform.

The Collaboration between Duuoo and Centre for Big Data

The project is supported by the Innovation Fund, which boosts innovation projects that - with new knowledge and research - help Danish companies to develop a competitive advantage that will contribute to increased exports and increased employment in Denmark. The budget for this project is 2.4 million DKK, and the Innovation Fund has granted DKK 800,000.