Students at Roskilde University

Students from the international programmes International Development Studies, EU-studies and Global Studies, and students from the Danish programmes Politik og Administration and Forvaltning, will be admitted directly. Other students must apply for pre-approval from their respective study boards. When you have received your pre-approval you can apply for the course Repoliticising Capitalism - contradictions, critique and alternatives here.

Application deadline for students at RUC in STADs: June 1-15.

The course corresponds to 10 ECTS-credits. The course requires a bachelor degree.

Apply here


Students from other universities in Denmark and international students

Application deadline: June 18th

Apply here

Applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis before this deadline.

The course corresponds to 10 ECTS-credits. The course requires a bachelor degree.

Are you a student from other universities

If you are from another Danish university you will have the opportunity to transfer the credits awarded from the course. In this case you don’t have to pay the course fee. Deadline for sending us the pre-approval is: June 25th  

Are you an international student or applying for a vacant place

You are required to pay for the course. You will receive information regarding payment after your application has been approved.

Language requirements: You are required to have a bachelor degree in English or be admitted at an English Master Programme, if not please read our English language requirements: Engelsksprogkravet.


The course is equivalent to 10 ECTS. 

Applying for a vacant place or international students (from EU/EEA): €560

For international students (from non EU and non EEA countries): €1.450

Students enrolled at a Danish university: Do not have to pay fees if they get credits transferred.

PhD Students

The course is also available for PhD students as a part of the The Doctoral School of Social Sciences & Business.

Registration and more information at Roskilde University conference portal

Jaša, Slovenia

"Attending the summer school at Roskilde was a wonderful and intellectually very engaging experience. I loved the explicitly critical orientation of the whole course, well contextualized in today's world. The speakers and the team were amazing, really accessible and the fact that the group was quite small gave us a chance for discussing matters in depth. I really liked the informal atmosphere and emphasis on discussion. I would recommend this summer school to anyone looking for heterodox and critical approaches to political economy and wanting to combine it with great debates, enthusiastic lecturers and good company!"

Laurent, Dublin

"This summer school was an amazing opportunity to engage with non-mainstream approaches to political economy and to exchange opinions on a wide range of topics with other motivated students and scholars. The choice of guest lecturers was particularly well-suited to the content of the course and the interactive structure of classes made them intellectually very stimulating. I would recommend this summer school to any student who wants to broaden his or her views on both the epistemology and the ontology of political economy"

Marie, Denmark

"Before attending "Repolitisicing Capitalism", I had always been avoiding GPE because it was so complicated. However, this course took me by the hand and tought me everything I needed to understand, in order for me to challenge the current ideas in the field. With inspiring lecturers and committed students, this course was, by far, one of the best courses I have attended at Roskilde University"