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Research Project Living with Nordic Lighting

Project Duration: 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2021
Living with Nordic Lighting. Photo Mikkel Bille


Sundown over roof top of Opera house in Oslo (photo by Jeremy Payne-Frank)

Pre-COVID19 fieldwork in Oslo

Nyhavn by night

Experience of the urban nightscape

Tensta Surveillance

Atmosphere and Surveillance





VELUX FONDEN has granted DKK 5.8 million to the project.


Nyhavn by night

Experience of the urban nightscape

How is our experience of the urban nightscape constituted by atmospheres that employ light and heritage?

Light in a Jordanian room

Light culture

Light is about much more than being able to see. In Denmark, it is also about relaxing, feeling at home and being part of a community. In other places such as Jordan, light plays a completely different role.

Overblik over forskning på RUC

Base at Roskilde University

The project based at the Department of People and Technology

Participating research units: MOSPUS Research group

Relevant degree programs: Nordic Urban Planning Studies // Humanistisk-Teknologisk Bachelor (DK)

Research from Roskilde University

Research - overview

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More about the project

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Project site at Roskilde University Research Portal



Head of Project

Mikkel Bille
Associate Professor
Phone +45 46743031