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Research Project African-owned firms building capabilities in global value chains

Project Duration: 01/01/2016 - 09/12/2019
Sawing machines - Roses from Kenya - Sweatshits


Lindsay Whitfield publishes research on Ethiopia's apparel export sector


Read the main findings from the AfriCap Research Project


New CAE working paper on the Kenyan cut-flower industry




Independent Research Fund Denmark | Social Science has supported the project with a DKK 5.3 million grant under the project title: Getting of the tecnology trap: foreign direct investment and learning among African-owned firms.


World map made of roses

About the AFRICAP project

The AFRICAP project studies how African-owned firms learn and build their technological capabilities in order to enter and remain competitive in new export sectors.

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Ethiopia is unique in a varied economic landscape in Africa

Ethiopia has particularly good prospects for economic growth in an Africa, where the image is more nuanced than it was previously described, says Associate Professor Lindsay Whitfield.

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More information

Find additional information about the project: African-owned firms building capabilities in global value change (AFRICAP):

Project site at Roskilde University Research Portal



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