Introduction to the programme

Computer science with a focus on communication

The master programme Computer Science + Communication Studies will qualify you to work with software development and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of strategic communication in a professional and international or inter-cultural context for various target groups.

You will learn about techniques and theories to analyse, design and construct software systems: software engineering methods and principles, computer and system architecture, algorithms and data representation and design principles for man-machine interfaces. You will acquire knowledge about robotics, artificial intelligence, programming languages, web technologies, parallel computation and mobile computers. You will work with issues related to analysis, design and construction of software systems.

You will become familiar with concepts, theories and methods, as well as practical knowledge of the planning and organization of communications material and communications and information processes for different audiences and between different actors. You will acquire skills in strategic communication in and from institutions, companies and associations that work in an international and/or inter-cultural context.

The education will qualify you to organise, plan and manage a software development project that is complex and requires novel solutions. You will acquire the skills to initiate and implement communications efforts and to advise the managements of institutions, companies and associations about the necessary measures with respect to communications and information. 


The programme offers you a wide range of job opportunities in:

  • Software developing
  • Programming
  • IT architect

The master programme qualifies graduates to start on a PhD programme.

Your everyday study life

Computer Science has a small, cozy and closely connected study environment. You can expect to go through the study together with the students starting the education at the same time as you do, but you will also meet new people at elective courses and through social activities across the study years.

All teaching in Computer Science is carried out by a regular staff of teachers and takes place in the same building. The department's lecturers and professors have offices close to your classrooms and they run an "open door" policy that makes it easy to get in touch with your teachers - whether it's about a challenging academic problem or for a cozy chat. During your education you will become part of the daily life of the department.

Academic Staff

Academic Staff Computer Science

Academic Staff Communication Studies

Facts about the programme

Degree: Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science and Communication Studies 

Language of tuition: English