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Find the Right Master Programme

Many of our master programmes consist of two subjects. Subject 1 defines your studies and thesis.
Subject 2 gives you the interdisciplinary perspective. Some programmes are single subject masters.

Spatial Designs and Society (int)

Spatial Designs and Society engages with consumption, designed places and design processes from a societal perspective. The subject focuses on relationships between people, objects and places paying particular attention to peoples’ diverse practical and symbolic relationships to design and designed sites.

How to study Spatial Designs and Society (int):

With thesis in Spatial Designs and Society (int):
  • Spatial Designs and Society (int)

    as single subject master

    Are you interested in how design can improve the spaces, places and objects of our everyday lives? Do you want to be a design consultant who can use your excellent analytical skills and social science knowledge to help designers, planners and architects create better experiences, sustainable practices and liveable places?