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Find the Right Master Programme

Many of our master programmes consist of two subjects. Subject 1 defines your studies and thesis.
Subject 2 gives you the interdisciplinary perspective. Some programmes are single subject masters.

Computer Science (int)

The main focus of Computer Science is on software development and the design of IT systems. You will learn to plan, analyse, implement, test and document a programming assignment.

How to study Computer Science (int):

With thesis in Computer Science (int):
  • Computer Science (int) +

    Business Studies (int)

    The master's programme Computer Science + Business Studies teaches you to organise, manage and plan software development projects that are focused on corporate organisation and management, as well as organising internal and external resources, features and relationships.
  • Computer Science (int) +

    Communication Studies (int)

    The master programme Computer Science + Communication Studies will qualify you to work with software development and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of strategic communication in a professional and international or inter-cultural context for various target groups.
  • Computer Science (int) +

    Informatics (int)

    The master programme Computer Science + Informatics will qualify you to work in software development and broader system development.
  • Computer Science (int) +

    Molecular Biology (int)

    The master programme Computer Science + Molecular Biology will provide you with the skills to organise, manage and plan a system development project, including the software component, especially where the development and application of molecular biological models and methodologies are key, e.g. in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
With thesis in another subject
  • Computer Science (int)

    Environmental Biology (int) +
    The Master's programme Environmental Biology + Computer Science will qualify you to work with computational models and tools for applications within biological and ecological systems. You will learn how to program advanced software solutions and to make numerical simulations of biological and ecological systems.
  • Computer Science (int)

    Physics (int) +
    The master’s programme in Physics + Computer Science will cover mechanics, relativity theory, astrophysics, condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.