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Find the Right Master Programme

Many of our master programmes consist of two subjects. Subject 1 defines your studies and thesis.
Subject 2 gives you the interdisciplinary perspective. Some programmes are single subject masters.

Chemistry (int)

The chemistry studies and the chemistry research at Roskilde University aim at doing chemistry in a green way. This means studies in second generation bioethanol, optimization of solar cells, synthesis of new bioactive compounds, synthesis of new and useful natural products, clever use of surface active compounds and development of biosensors.

How to study Chemistry (int):

With thesis in Chemistry (int):
  • Chemistry (int) +

    Environmental Biology (int)

    In the master's programme Chemistry + Environmental Biology you will work with organic and inorganic chemistry, analytic and environmental chemistry, eco-toxicology, population and system ecology and biological resource management.
  • Chemistry (int) +

    Molecular Biology (int)

    The master programme Chemistry + Molecular Biology will provide you with knowledge, skills and expertise in chemistry and molecular biology, as well as theoretical and practical skills to solve problems. You will learn to use your professional qualifications in complex situations.
With thesis in another subject
  • Chemistry (int)

    Physics (int) +
    At the master’s programme in Physics + Chemistry you will study mechanics, relativity theory, astrophysics, condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.