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Master's Open House online

Welcome to the Open House online at Roskilde University. The focus of this Open House is our master's programmes, and the event is aimed at those of you who are in the process of obtaining, or already have, a bachelor's degree.

The live acitivities took place on 10. and 11. of February, but until 1 of March, you can watch or rewatch the videopresentations on this page.. - Enjoy!

Student reading at RUC library

About admission to your study programme

Watch or rewatch the video presentation on admission.  

Video presentations of Roskilde University's master's subjects and study programmes

Fysik/Physics video
Spatial Designs and Society video
Communication Studies presentation
Molecular Biology video

Problem-oriented Project Learning

Roskilde University is famous for its special education model, Problem-Oriented Project Learning (PPL).

Hear Rector Hanne Leth Andersen introduce to the Roskilde Univeristy education model.

Student reading at the library


Hear one of Roskilde University's career counsellors talk about the career profile you will gain with a degree from Roskilde University.  


Career guidance in front of the text "Your RUC profile"