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Open House online 2021

Online Open House went live on 1-3 March 2021, but you can still watch the video presentations on this page.

Student reading at RUC library

Video presentations on RUCs bachelor's programmes

Head of Study in front of power point
Head of Study in front of Powerpoint
Head of Study in front of Powerpoint

About admission to your study programme

You can watch the video presentations where RUCs study and career guidance guide you through the admission process.

Problem-oriented Project Learning and career

Roskilde University is famous for its special education model, Problem-Oriented Project Learning (PPL). Hear Rector Hanne Leth Andersen introduce to the Roskilde University education model. 

You can also hear one of Roskilde University's career counsellors talk about the career profile you will gain with a degree from Roskilde University.  

When we go live you will have the chance to meet an international graduate from Roskilde University at their office (online) and gain insight into their everyday life at work. 

Student reading at the library
Career guidance in front of the text "Your RUC profile"

Student driven organisations and communities

RUC has a variety of student driven organisations and communities. These video presentations presents an insight into some of them.

Glade studerende der danser til koncert på RUC
Your student council - together for a better university
Logo from RUCsport
Boardgame Club intro video

From bachelor to master

Learn more about Roskilde University's master's programmes.