Online Open House Graduate Programmes

The online Open House is for anyone who is considering applying for one of Roskilde University's master programmes. It will take place in week 40: 28 September - 2 October 2020.
Start:28 Sep 10:00
End:02 Oct 17:00
Place: Roskilde University, Building 01.
Studerende i gang med projektarbejde

Are you considering applying for for one of Roskilde University's master programmes? Then we invite you to participate in our online Open House from September 28 to October 2.

Online Open House at RUC gives you the opportunity to meet student counselors, teachers and students, and you can hear about your options for applying for the particular master programme that you are interested in.

Also take the opportunity to speak to our carreer advisors for a talk about work life after graduation.

Online presentations

During week 40 we will host a series of online presentations where you can ask questions for professors, students and student counselors - or you can just listen in:

-Presentations on graduate subjects and -programmes

-Presentations on admission

-Presentations on career opportunities

See the programme for online Open House and get your links to participation.

Book a meeting

During Open House-week we offer extra sessions with study guidance. If you would like to have a 1:1 conversation with a study counselor, you are welcome to book a meeting in our booking system. We offer guidance regarding admission and application processes, information about courses and projectwork, semester content, exams etc.

This offer applies to both current and future students at RUC, who are considering applying for one of RUC's master programmes.

Book a meeting

Guided tour, question time and study guidance

Sign up for a guided tour on campus if you are new at RUC. 

The 30-45 minute guided tour in English will take place Wednesday September 30 at 15.00. 

RUC-students will introduce you to our campus and guide you by the various student environments, the student house, the canteen, the library, FabLab, Street Scape and much more.  

We expect to complete the guided tour with physical presence on campus in a small group and naturally in accordance with the guidelines for social distance concerning Covid-19.

In order to participate, you need to register. When you receive a confirmation, you will also know where to meet for the guided tour.

Register for guided tour Wednesday October 30 at 15.00

By the end of the guided tours, we will stop at the library for 30 minutes of optional question time and study guidance. You will be able to pose any questions you may have to our study counselor concerning RUC’s master programmes, the study structure, admission requirements, exams etc.

This part of the programme will take place in a room suitable for appropriate Covid-19 safety.


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