Multiple time scales in sciences and society - Challenges for sciences and dissemination

Join the conference in Copenhagen August 23-24 August.
Start:23 Aug 09:00
End:24 Aug 19:00
Place: Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

Time scales in complex systems are multiple and entangled. This fact is crucial both across scientific investigations and in political decisions on future trajectories. The entanglement of multiple time scales is evident in a broad spectrum of topics ranging from public health (most recently Covid-19), macroeconomic decisions, systems biology, materials science, environmental politics to climate change (mitigation and adaptation). In the face of the time constraints that exist across these phenomena, this conference seeks to expand standard problem analyses with a stronger understanding of the multiplicity of time scales and interacting processes, which can be very intricate, challenging to grasp within and across disciplines, and challenging to explain to a broader public.

The conference is organized by the Time Scales Project of Roskilde University and Denmark’s National Centre for Climate Research (NCKF). The conference is supported by the CIRCLES Research Centre at Roskilde University and hosted by The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.
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