IMFUFA seminar: The Sun, much more than a star: a natural laboratory!

Meet João Fernandes from Universidade de Coimbra in Portugal at the IMFUFA seminar.
Place: Roskilde University, Building 27, room 1

The Sun is a benchmark natural object for Science in general and Astronomy in particularly. It’s, for sure, the best known star.

The temporal and spatial scales of different solar phenomena co-exist allowing important observational tests for theories and it give opportunities to calibrate our knowledge about stars. The solar age is estimated to be around 4.5 Gyr; the cycles of the activity (eg. sunspots) go from millennia to some years; the internal structure of sun generates seismic waves of some minutes of periodicity; the flares can release up to several 10^32 erg in seconds. On the other hand, the solar wind, “touching” the Earth, can transport high energetic particles with potential impact in human social and economic activities, known as space weather events.

For all these motivations, during the last years, several observational projects (both in ground and in space) were devoted to Sun. The NASA space mission “Parker Solar Probe” is the most recent. The goal of this talk is to briefly review and discuss the Sun in a broad range of aspects (physical proprieties, internal structure and evolution, atmospheric activity, sun-as-star, etc.), including the some open questions in debate.


The seminar is open for everyone, no registration needed.


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